Laura Gomez Westraad-01.jpeg

Laura Gomez Westraad

Strategy Supervisor

Hailing originally from Colombia, Laura brings the multicultural angle to LBR Insight.

Laura has managed and moderated a large number of research projects among patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and the wide American public for companies like Allergan, Ironwood, Innocoll, Radius, and Cigna in the healthcare industry; as well as the U.S. Army, Chick-Fil-A, Verizon, Grubhub, and the USPS, just to name a few. Laura is not only able to find good partnerships to recruit high level respondents while making the process seamless to the clients, but she also adds value to the outcome of the research as a strategist.

Laura is very passionate about diversity and is always looking for opportunities to bring her cultural background and knowledge into the multicultural/Hispanic-focused projects she works on.

Laura also brings client side experience, having worked as an advertising analyst for Exito Group (Lead retailer in Colombia) where she worked in the creation and development of marketing strategies for brand positioning, loyalty programs and customer service. In addition, Laura’s talents also include creative production. She had her own audiovisual production company and won several awards in her home country, Colombia .

Photography is one of her passions. During her free time you can find Laura taking pictures or planning her next road trip.

Laura has a BA in Advertising from the Pontificia Bolivariana University of Colombia. 

Laura is a RIVA Trained Moderator / Bilingual Moderator.