Laura Radosh Butt


Laura formed LBR Insight after nearly two decades of leading strategic planning and market research at world leading agencies such as Deutsch, McCann, and JWT.

Over the course of her career up to and including LBR Insight, Laura’s insights and strategic thinking have helped shape consumer brands like Beech-Nut Baby Food, Prince Tennis Racquets, Perdue Chicken, Revlon, Ulta Beauty, Lysol, Snapple, and the U.S. Army.

Laura was one of the pioneers of direct-to-consumer (DTC) healthcare advertising and has been marketing healthcare brands to consumers since the late 90’s. Since 2006 and LBR Insight, she has honed her skills with professional efforts as well, having personally moderated 100s upon 100s of HCP interviews. A sampling of the healthcare brands she has worked on or helped launch whether with consumers or professionals include Viagra, Diovan, Invokana, Avandia, Requip, Avodart, Zelnorm, Linzess, Lovaza, Coreg, Zoloft, Pristiq, Gonal-f, and Incivek.

Laura’s healthcare expertise also spans into aesthetics with brands like Duac, Radiesse, Xeomin, and LaViv.

As demonstrated by the wide variety of clients, Laura has extreme versatility as a research facilitator. Laura quickly understands each new client’s business and objectives and applies that to the research itself. She also has the unique ability to create an instant rapport with all types of respondents whether they be consumers or professionals/business-to-business. She is just as comfortable moderating groups with moms about baby food as she is with men about their constipation, or CEOs about their hopes and dreams. But more importantly, she makes the respondents comfortable sharing their feelings with her.

When Laura isn’t moderating she is on the move trying to keep up with her two young daughters, or planning the next good meal or trip with her husband.

Laura is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a RIVA trained moderator and certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator.