Peju Milne.png

Peju Milne

Qualitative Researcher

With over 15 years experience in market research, Peju joins LBR Insight with experience from around the world, having worked in North America, Europe and Africa. She specializes in uncovering consumer insights/tensions using both traditional and non traditional research methodologies and loves to craft compelling stories that drive strategic action.

With an empathetic listening style Peju is able to dig deep for golden insights that many moderators may not find. She enjoys being present in each session and puts herself in the shoes of her respondents.

Peju has had vast experience with various world-wide brands including: Proctor and Gamble, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Henkel, Navy Federal Credit Union, Fidelity, Gilead Sciences and elf Cosmetics As a Nigerian-born woman, Peju has the ability and passion to moderate African American and immigrant groups, as well as various other ethnicities.

Peju holds an MBA from London Metropolitan University (UK) and is a RIVA trained moderator